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Message from the Department Head

Dear Parents and Students,

 The Department of Business and Economic Law is established to cultivate the most practical financial law practitioners. This is a young department, but we have gained great attention and achievement in the past year with the dedication of faculty and students. It’s an honor for me to serve as the Department Head, and the Department is moving forward under the following core guidelines:

I.      Continue to enhance our faculty

The Department continues to recruit faculty with excellent academic and research backgrounds in financial law and fundamental legal studies to lay a solid foundation for students in legal quality. The faculty-student ratio is closedly monitored so that professors can concentrate on teaching, doing research, and fulfilling administrative duties as well as providing academic advising and life counseling.

II.    Elevating research capacity

The research capacity of the faculty will be improved by offering research grants and funding to participate in international seminars; we combine the resources from the Center for Financial Law to hold more than 3 seminars every semester to cover the most recent and important financial legal issues. With this implementation, the center will be strengthened and effectively impact the faculty.

III.  Expanding the vision and insights

Cultivate students’ international perspectives through exchange programs and  internships to broaden their horizons and foster independence. The experiences will be extremely helpful for their career choices and career path. The system of transferring academic credits from other institutions will also be established.

IV. Academic-industrial collaboration and practical learning

One of the critical issues with the current college students is their knowledge does not meet the standards or demands of the workplace. This past year, the Department has invited experienced legal practitioners, partners from government agency, and established law firms to speak on current events and concepts. It is important for students to apply their knowledge and skills, and our partnership with industry has offered to bridge that gap.

 When you become a law student, you should have a strong sense of purpose for serving society. Our department provides a dynamic learning environment and encourages students to reflect upon their actions and endure challenges. A true professional must persevere thru countless hours of training. Once you have worked on something for more than 8,000 hours, you will master that skill. The foundation of law is from social activities. Once you have become legal practitioners, it is vital to keep a healthy mind with empathy. Cheers to your future success!

Chin-che Cheng

Head of Business and Economic Law Department