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Assistant Professor Pin-Hua Hsu


Assistant Professor Pin-Hua Hsu   

Ph.D. in Law, National Chung-Cheng University


Constitutional Law、 Administrative Law、 Intellectual Properety Law、Technology Law



  • Prosecutor Investigator, Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office

Journal Papers

  1. The Intersection of Trademark Law and Freedom of Speech: The Constitutional Study on the U.S. Case of Matal v. Tam, Chengchi Law Review, No.156, Mar.2019(Tssci)。
  2. Union Security v. Freedom of Expression: Focusing on Related U.S. Supreme Court Cases, Taipei University Law Review, Volume 105, Mar.2018(Tssci)。
  3. Issues on the Practice of Disparate Impact Theory: Focusing on Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. The Inclusive Communities Project Inc. Case, National Chung Cheng University Law Journal, No.54, Jan.2017(Tssci)。
  4. The Protection of Right to Privacy in Big Data Era: Possible Impacts and Countermeasures,Chung-Hsing Universuty Law Review, No.20, Nov.2016(Tssci)。
  5. Right to be Forgotten: Observations from the Perspectives of Comparative Law, Soochow Law Review, Volume 27, Jul.2015(Tssci)。



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